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In recent years, Konami has been like a speeding locomotive – at least when it comes to their flagship football product. PES 2018 Download is a game better than ever and … still suffering from the same ailments.

Doing certain things the same way over and over again and expecting different results while doing so is almost silly. However, I am far from such assessments, because Konami in PES 2018 Free Download climbs to the heights. The latest installment of their football franchise may not beat the competitive FIFA 18, but it is at least as good.

PES 2018 Download in the shadow of a legend?

Pro Evo still cannot come out of the shadow of the FIFA series. The reasons for this state of affairs can be found, among others in much larger budgets that EA allocates to its product. Meanwhile, the Japanese do their game completely different – cheaper, which does not mean worse. Yes, because although both productions are about the same, they approach the problem of 22 people kicking an air-pumped piece of leather in a completely different way.

PES is slow, even sluggish. The game does not get dynamic here straight from the Spanish tiki-ta. In fact, it’s incredibly difficult to play that way here. This is because the series has been forcing players to play more tactically for several years. Quick ground passes between defenders are effective in the short term. Good positioning, using players from the second line and playing in the air are key. And that’s not all! In PES 2018 Download PC the computer learns our style of play and adapts its actions to the way we like to play the ball. If you prefer a calm positional attack, prepare for strong pressing. Long passes ahead? The opponent’s defense line will move forward. It `s genius!

PES 2018 Download
PES 2018 PC Download

A new model of ball control and player control also debuts in PES 2018. Real Touch + gives us much more freedom, allows for technical tricks, such as playing with the heel, but also requires caution. Player positioning is now more important than ever before – a bad foot, a back to the goal position etc. can ruin even the best thought out action. At the same time, the game receives an element of randomness and unpredictability, so important in football.

Speaking of which, in PES 2018, the physics of the ball itself has also been rebuilt. After all, it is a real pleasure to watch her move. I would say that it is probably even better in this field than at the competition and the ball behaves as if it was removed from the Champions League broadcast alive.

PES 2018 Full Game continues to benefit from the licenses obtained from UEFA. So we have the complete Champions League, as well as the Europa League. There was also a licensed counterpart from Asia. The South American Copa Libertadores has disappeared (though the teams are still there) – a shame. Unfortunately, this is just a drop in the ocean of needs, because the licenses here are still limping. We have only a few leagues at our disposal, most of them fictional teams. Fortunately for fans, this is not a problem, because dozens of modifications have already been made. Their installation takes a while and the effect is satisfactory. You can also easily marginalize this minus.

PES 2018 Full Game
PES 2018 Full Version

Of course, there were also other game modes. So we have a career where we play the role of a manager or a player. We also have myClub, which is the equivalent of FIFA’s Ultimate Team. Unfortunately, she still does not live up to her heels in this field. However, overall, PES 2018 Torrent has nothing to be ashamed of in this area. It is good, and the individual modes in the new edition have received smaller and bigger improvements. The taste is, for example, adding Usain Bolt to myClub – that’s a show of the creators’ imagination.

PES 2018 Download PC still has the same problems

Download Game PES 2018 PC

I am not able to understand how it happened that the developers gave such a body with a composition update. The situation is bizarre, because the game is promoted with the image of FC Barcelona players. So on the start screen we see Messi, Suarez, Rakitic and … Neymar. Really, Konami?

There are more such stupid mishaps, and what is worse, the creators are not eager to eliminate them. So we have to download roster updates ourselves from unofficial sources. Big minus.

Going further, the disadvantages include limping servers that started a few days after the premiere and still have hiccups today. Actually, if you played PES every year, you’d get used to it… No, just kidding, you can’t. The developers could get the grasp of such basic things as scaling the performance of their servers. After all, they are aware of the load generated by the game after its premiere.

There are also some accusations against commentators who can loop, and are terribly boring and infantile for most of the game. I dare to risk a statement that even the english commentary from FIFA 18 fares better.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Download game for big boys?

PES 2018 has matured. The game not only looks better than ever (face mapping is phenomenal!), But also uses the latest technology. On the PC, for example, we have support for Nvidia Ansel, i.e. 360-degree screenshots. The effects are fantastic (I took some of the screenshots in the review with this tool). While watching repetitions, we call up the panel and then take a screenshot, applying filters to it and adjusting individual parameters. Of course, this only works with GeForce cards.

The production of Konami will delight you, regardless of whether you previously played previous editions or were loyal fans of the competition. You just have to turn a blind eye to these outdated line-ups and licenses (or just take matters into your own hands – it’s really not difficult, as you can see in the screenshots, where, for example, there is a fully licensed Real Madrid). In other respects, PES 2018 can confidently compete with FIFA 18 (well almost – Ultimate Team is still out of reach). This is a different game, more tactical and better reflecting the atmosphere of great playing fields. We will not experience hockey results here, and we will often tear our hairs out. But isn’t that the point?

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