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CITIES SKYLINES Free Download PC is now available. Play the legendary city builder

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Cities Skylines is a great example of a successful title that has been with us for 6 years now. This economic strategy provides us with a great opportunity to construct the ideal city – from start to bottom. If you are the fan of games, where you start small and go big, then here is the best opportunity you will ever get.

Thanks to our efforts, you can use CITIES SKYLINES Free Download PC to play the full version of this wonderful title. The package includes everything you need to play the game without any troubles. Bear in mind that it also adds all the .dll files and other necessities. Let us now see how the production looks like!

Basics regarding Cities Skylines

Before you use CITIES SKYLINES Download PC, let us talk briefly about the game itself. In that way we will be able to understand what was the reason for this production to become so desirable and so successful. Colossal Order is the studio responsible for the title. These are Finnish developers, who previously gave us Cities In Motion cycle.

Noteworthy is the fact that the authors made use of their experience and gave us enormous amount of additions and improvements. It means that after 5 years, Cities Skylines is packed with tremendous amount of additions, new content, and improved solutions. For this reason it is a great idea to use our CITIES SKYLINES Pc Download and have fun with whole package that gives you everything you truly desire.

What is the goal of the game?

Nowadays a lot of games offer us a storyline. In here, you won’t find any. It doesn’t mean that the production does not offer you any goal to accomplish. Truth to be told, there are plenty of achievements you can unlock and tasks you can complete. The main goal of this game is to create a very small, yet prosperous town. Later on, once we gather enough citizens, we can expand and change it into a city. The ultimate goal is to create a metropolis without traffic jams, pollution, and many other issues.

However, in order to meet the requirements to create a metropolis, we will have to take care of every single element of the town – starting from providing a medical assistance, through education and firefighting, and ending on police patrols and crime reductions. How can we do this? You can see it for yourself by using CITIES SKYLINES Free Download .

CITIES SKYLINES FREE DOWNLOAD PC Full Game mechanics and other interesting additions

Download game

The authors from Colossal Order offer us a great deal of features to play with. Besides very thorough and precise tool to design streets or housing zones, the authors made sure that we can take care of every single element of the city. It means that we will have to plan through every single intersection and every single bypass road.

Noteworthy is the fact that each district we create generate pollution. What is more, we have to keep them happy by ensuring electricity, water supply, and right education. All these things are of course restricted by the amount of money we have. If we want to increase our funds, we can increase the taxes. However, the bigger taxes our town has, the least happy the citizens are. That is why it is crucial to balance it properly. For this reason we encourage you to use CITIES SKYLINES Torrent and have fun while playing it!

There is only one game mode available

Single player game mode – that is all we receive. However, in this particular situation, the single player game mode is more than enough. It provides us with hundreds of hours of entertainment. What is more, we don’t have to worry about boredom, because there are hundreds of different challenges to get.

Do not wait any longer, see the screens, trailers, and then play this wonderful production

Cities Skylines is a game that has crushed all its opponents and rivals. No competitive city-builder could be better than this instalment. And it is all due to its intuitive gameplay and incredibly absorbing steering that allow you to create cities that are 36 kilometres square big. You can see the screenshots and trailers down below, or move on and play the game on your own.


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